There are four WorkPackages of technical nature/course development (Identification and Initiation, Design and Planning, Implementing and Monitoring, Review and Impact Assessment) and two WorkPackages of transversal nature, which will deal with coordination/management, and dissemination. The set of WorkPackages provides a framework of project management to define the tasks/activities necessary to achieve the expected results of the project.

Work Package 1:
Project Management

T1.1 Management and Coordination
T1.2 Financial Accounting and Conformity
T1.3 Quality and Risk Management

Expected results:
D1.1 Progress Report
D1.2 Final Report
D1.3 Financial Report
D1.4 Quality and Risk Evaluation Report

Work Package 2:
Identification and Initiation

T2.1 End User’s Needs and Competence Reviewing
T2.2 Key Activities and main Outcomes
T2.3 Initial planning

Expected results:
D2.1 End-user Needs’ Report
D2.2 Initial plan

Work Package 3:
Preparation, Design and Planning

T3.1 Work program development
T3.2 Project Implementation Plan (PIP)
T3.3 Practical Arrangement

Expected results:
D3.1 Project Implementation Plan

Work Package 4:
Implementation and Monitoring

T4.1 Project implementation
T4.2 Performance assessment and monitoring
T4.3 Improvement and correction

Expected results:
D4.1 Performance assessment and monitoring report

Work Package 5:
Review and Impact Assessment

T5.1 Control / Monitoring of planned actions
T5.2 Long-term Action Plan development and update
T5.3 End-users satisfaction assessment

Expected results:
D5.1 Long-term Action Plan

Work Package 6:
Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

T6.1 Development of the DEC Plan
T6.2 Development of the project website and social media
T6.3 Promotion of events

Expected results:
D6.1 DEC Plan
D6.2 Project Website
D6.3 Initial event report
D6.4 Final event report