Instituto Profissional do Transportes e Logística

IPTL, established in 2007, is a vocational, training School duly certified by Secretaria Regional de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia, as well as Instituto para a Qualificação IP-RAM. It is recognized internationally after partnering with DGRM. IPTL aims to be a prominent player in the regional training market, particularly in Transport and Logistics. The Institute is mainly dedicated to Professional Training of Merchant Navy and Fishing and Professional Education 9th Grade/12th Grade.Since November 2018, IPTL has been involved in the Erasmus+ program, working on the development of a Carbon Neutral Management of Sport Marinas International Master Modules Programme in collaboration with several partners

QUALISEG Engenharia e Gestão Lda.

QUALISEG is a prominent Portuguese company in the port-maritime sector, known for its strong connection to the sea. Founded by eight Navy Officers with extensive experience in Maritime Engineering and Management, they are respected teachers and researchers. With 27 years of market presence and a loyal customer base, QUALISEG offers Consulting, Auditing, Outsourcing, Training, and Certification services in Industrial and Maritime Engineering and Management. Acting as an interface organization, QUALISEG serves as a vital link between the maritime industry, including port authorities and management companies, and academia. Their privileged position enables them to understand and address the needs and challenges of industrial and maritime organizations effectively.

Ecosistemas Virtuales y Modulares SL

EVM (Ecosistemas Virtuales y Modulares S.L.) is a SME located in Santa Cruz of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) which designs and executes its projects from the commitment to provide value and generate impact on the welfare of people, making this premise the basis of their relationships. Currently EVM is formed by more than 80 employees with different and complementary backgrounds. EVM provides services in different areas: Educational Consulting: We accompany institutions in processes of educational renewal and methodological updating, developing educational programs to respond to existing and future needs; Digital Academy: Through our training programs you will be able to develop knowledge, mentalities and fundamental skills to continue offering impact and measurable value in digital environments; European Programmes: We cover all the stages that a project may go through, seeking funding for its execution through the European framework programme in force at any given time.

Mar Ambiente e Pesca Artesanal

In the insular context in which São Tomé and Principe is located, the themes of the marine environment, fishery resources and artisanal fishing are extremely important. The NGO MARAPA, founded in 1999, is recognized for its national knowledge in these fields. Created by fisheries technicians, marine biologists and development agents, MARAPA maintains this multidisciplinary approach within its team, in order to have a global view of the archipelago's problems. 26 Call: ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CB-VET Its actions are aimed at protecting the territory's marine and coastal habitats and ecosystems, co-managing fishery resources and supporting actors in the fisheries sector with capacitation actions.

Agência de Promoção do Comércio e Investimento

The São Tomé and Principe Trade and Investment Promotion Agency – APCI is a public department that operates under the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Blue Economy umbrella. It promotes foreign investment and trade in São Tomé e Principe and was selected for the Best Investment Promotion Agency in Africa 2019 Award by The European Magazine – Global Banking & Finance.

Decel – auditoria, consultoria e serviços, lda

Decel – Auditoria Consultoria e Serviços, Lda, is a member of the Order of Official Technicians of Accounts and Auditors (OTOCA) of São Tomé and Príncipe, authorized to perform accounting and auditing services. Decel has specialists in Taxation, Economics, Auditing, Accounting, Business Management and Law capable of proposing administrative, financial and fiscal solutions. Decel is also a vocational training provider and all courses are very practical, establishing the link between academic knowledge and professional practice. Its teaching staff gathers trainers with academic backgrounds and deep professional experience. In close relationship with Decel, there is the Centro de Formação Profissional e Superior -CFPS (high education and training centre), which is an important organization in the STP’s VET domain that will join the project (CFPS is in the process of registering to obtain a PIC number).